Memorial Service
in gratitude for the life of
Elinor Marie Hansen
January 8, 1971 – March 7, 2017

Rouge Valley Mennonite Church
March 11, 2017

"Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you."
— Shannon L. Alder

Our hearts are etched by Elinor’s gifts of kindness, service and love. A life that was far too short, but rich with enduring love. May we find comfort in the stories we share and celebrate the legacy she left within our hearts.

Song leader: Louise Pogue

Pianist: Freda Burkholder

Note: you can listen to the full 82 minute service (77MB) or recordings of each part of the service, included separately below.


Words of Welcome [audio]

Prayer of Invocation [audio]

Hymn #377 "Healer of our every ill" [audio]

The Life of Elinor Marie Hansen – Adam Clarke [audio and full text]

"Nothing is lost on the breath of God" – TUMC Woman’s Ensemble [audio]

"A poem for Lynda" – Reina Neufeldt [audio and text]

Remembrances and reflections: [audio]

Hymn #352 "Gentle Shepherd, come and lead us" [audio]

Scripture [audio]

"In the rifted rock I am resting" – TUMC Men’s Ensemble [audio]

Meditation Shannon Neufeldt [audio], Pieter Niemeyer [audio] & Gary Harder [audio]

Hymn #362 "Help us to help each other" [audio]

Prayer of Thanksgiving [audio]

"Candle on the Water" – Lynda Hansen, Natasha and Mackenzie Shantz & Norah Adams, accompanied by Christina Enns [audio]

Closing Hymn #614 "In the bulb there is a flower" [audio]

Announcements [audio]

Benediction [audio]

Thank you to all who assisted with the service and the preparation of refreshments.

We would like the opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude for the prayers and support we have received. You have helped carry us through this difficult time. We ask that you continue remembering us as we adjust to life without Elinor.

Reception, Time for Sharing

During the reception following the service, there was an "open mic" opportunity for sharing additional stories and songs from Elinor's life. The audio is in a single 15 minute recording but below is a list of timestamps and descriptions in case you want to jump directly to particular sections: